Custom Paint Jobs

Every time we take it out someone always wants to talk about the car and people love the colour.
— Caroline & Trevor Ferguson, Owners of 1980 C3 Corvette

All spray painting is done in our temperature controlled, full down-draft, filtered, spray booth. This creates the optimum temperature and dust free environment for paint application, getting you the maximum gloss level, and making your car as good if not better than new. Once painting is done, we double check for any imperfections.

The Smash Palace paint department is particular in every sense of the word. We understand that your vehicle is only as good as it looks and if you want to own an eye-catching ride; you need to have an excellent custom paint job. Our fussy and uncompromising spray-painters will prepare your vehicle from primer to colour, to the glossy clear coat, ensuring each step of the way is completed to perfection.

For more information on our custom paint services, get in touch today.